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Byrne Creek Secondary Location
Byrne Creek Secondary School
7777 - 18th Street, Burnaby
V3N 5E5

Hours of Operation: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Phone: 604 664 8299
Fax: 604 522 6539

7777 - 18th Street, Burnaby, BC
Canada, V3N 5E5

Trustee Laison: Baljinder Narang 604.805.5824

List of Byrne Creek Staff [PHOTOS]
NameDepartmentEmailVoice Mail
Ms. AlarconYouth Worker
Ms. Amy, W.Library2003
Ms. Aquino, P. EA
Ms. Arellano, T.Custodian
Mr. Ashfield, J.Languages
Ms. Basran, A. (away) Counselor (Hu - Ren)1018
Ms. Bekker, E.Science Lab1021
Ms. Bell, V.Receptionist1005
Mr. Best, W.YSW1021
Ms. Bjarnason, M.Abor. Worker
Ms. Bloom, P.Science / AP Coordinator7011
Ms. Burnaci, B.Science7106/6203/7104
Ms. Burns, B.EA9002
Mr. Carrasco, D.Custodian
Mr. Chato, A.EA9005
Ms. Clair, L.DH Applied Skills / Student Services9006
Ms. Cleary-Dulai, J.Home Ec9008
Mr. Cooper, B.Custodian
Dr. Davies, D.DH Science9010
Ms. Davy, J.DH Counselling1019
Ms. DeCamp, M.Learning Support9011
Ms. Dhir, L.Science7084
Ms. Erickson, H.English9003
Ms. Elesina, O.Math6202
Mr. Eveline, W.Sub Foreman
Ms. Falsetto, L.Science9012
Ms. Farquhar, I.Community School Coordinator9012
Ms. Ferrerira, D.DH English1079
Mr. Fester, P.Vice Principal (A - K)1007
Ms. Fujiki, J.DH Languages9013
Ms. Gargiulo, M.ESL7000
Ms. Georgilas, C.ESL
Ms. Gordon, A. (away)DH Math
Ms. Graham, M.Social Studies1080
Mr. Hake, S.EA
Ms. Harlow, M.Music7085
Ms. Hawley, D.DH Learning Support7101, 1029
Ms. Heckerott, G.ESL/LSS
Mr. Hoban, G.EA9018
Mr. Hodgson, C.DH Athletics9021
Mr. Holden, J.Book keeper1026
Ms. Jansen, K.Business Ed.9023
Ms. Janvier, S.Abor. Teacher1024
Ms. Kawas, D.Science7042
Ms. Kinnee, J.Languages9027
Mr. Klassen, R.Science9029
Ms. Kublick, J.PE9030
Mr. Ko, E.Math6202, 6204
Ms. Kwasnicki, S.LSS7046
Mr. Larsen, J.Tech. Ed.9032
Mr. Lee, A.Technician C4D
Ms. Lee, S.DH Math (acting)2013
Ms. Lopez, F.Custodian
Ms. Lopez, M.English9036
Mr. Loveday, J.Math, Technology Liason
Ms. Lovett, S.Head Secretary
Ms. MacDonald, G.Learning Support7005
Mr. Masinda, M.Settle. Work1045
Ms. Mathers, L.VPA
Mr. Mawani, F.Science7025
Ms. McCaw, G.EA
Ms. McLeod, J.K.Arts7091
Ms. McNaughton, B.Noon Hr. Sup.
Ms. Mills, S.PE7001
Ms. Modesto, K.Career Prog. & Textbook Coord.7084
Ms. Moore, D.Video Conf.
Ms. Moulin, T.VPA9038
Ms. Moxon, L.Socials / English7112
Ms. Murphy, A.VPA9015
Ms. Nemati, L.Settlement Worker1044
Mr. Neumann, G.DH Social Studies
Ms. O'Sullivan, P.LSS / Socials1083
Ms. Oatway, J. (away)PE7010
Ms. Olejniczak, E. (away)Math7002
Ms. Palosaari, V.Home Ec. & Catering6102
Mr. Papathanasiou, F.Vice Principal (L - Z)1008
Ms. Pederson, A.ESL/LSS7021
Ms. Picker, C.EA
Ms. Prince, T.Home Ec8101, 8102
Ms. Purdy, S.Social Studies9043
Mr. Rawnsley, D.Principal1006
Ms. Siska, R. Counsellor (A - Hs)1022
Mr. Smith, M.English7036
Ms. Smith, P.English7037
Ms. Stawarska, E.EA
Ms. Stewart, K.Math9004
Ms. Taylor-Gibbs, L.LSS/ESL
Ms. Tirling, S.VPA9048
Ms. Tonks, P.Computer Operator1011
Mr. Trovato, J.DH VPA9049
Mr. Van Bylandt, M.DH PE1305
Mr. Vince, A.Science7089
Ms. West, T.EA7102
Mr. Williams, B.English9051
Ms. Wilson, E.Social Studies
Ms. Woo, J.Career Prep1017
Ms. Woolf, A.Social Sudies7008
Ms. Woolstone, C.Languages9053